OK, this is just a quick and dirty faq originally done by Ed...

Then, stolen by Uncle Dad...without permission even!

Before you complain about biggulp, first check to see if you have a life. If not...then return when you do.

As to how hard it is to access, remember why you are using biggulp.

If your isp had a good server you would not have to look here at all. Having a quality usenet server available for free is a plus. Use it with care. And don't bitch because it is full!

Q: How do I repay someone for their work in running biggulp?

Q: What do I need to access biggulp? Q: What port should I use to access biggulp?

Q: Why do I receive '400 too many connection' errors from biggulp?
Q: Why do I keep getting "You have reached the connection limit for your access classification" from biggulp?

Q: How many connections am I allowed?

Q: What speeds can I hope for?

Q: What happens if I try to get too many connections?

Q: What IP should I use?

Q: How long of a wait can I expect before I get on?

Q: What time is the server least loaded?

Q: How long should I wait between retries?

Q: What if my news reader does not support retries?

Q: How do I post with biggulp?

Q: How do I request groups?